MENU A Boom Bap Continuum

A Boom Bap Continuum

December 29, 2009


Way more than a humble mixtape, ‘A Boom Bap Continuum’ is an 80ish minute mix tracing the evolution of “the beats” from 1999-2009. That’s right, 200 joints ever so neatly sliced and diced by a trio of the UK’s foremost hip hop nerds 2tall, Kper and DJ Clockwork. From Premo, Pete Rock, Jazzy Jeff and the Lootpack to Hudson Mohawke, Afta-1, Thomas Fehlmann, Megasoid, Loefah and Jamie Vex’d – these guys threaded together a remarkably comprehensive little piece of sonic history, tracing the evolution of hip hop culture and its myriad influences. Massive props to the aforementioned gentlemen who put in the hours and the effort to create this masterpiece for us all to enjoy. Fans of pre- and post-Dilla bumps – wade in and wallow in the wonderment. Newcomers, come and have a paddle – ‘A Boom Bap Continuum’ serves as an awesome introduction to this colourful and delightfully wonky world.

Download the mix, the dope artwork (courtesy of Clockwork) and the preposterously long tracklisting over HERE.