MENU Accidental Powercut // Ghostpoet Unplugged

Accidental Powercut // Ghostpoet Unplugged

September 13, 2010

Accidental Powercut is an initiative by audiophiles Bowers & Wilkins. It’s a series of gigs which are being recorded binaurally* allowing the atmosphere of the music to be recorded for perfect playback on headphones. The recordings will be donated to the audio collection at the British Library. Featured artists so far include Jono McCleery, Polar Bear, Speakers Corner Quartet, GetCape.WearCape.Fly, Fiona Bevan, Sound Of Rum and our very own Ghostpoet who flipped a great acoustic version of his forthcoming single ‘Cash & Carry Me Home’.

* Binaural recording is a method of recording sound that uses a special microphone arrangement and is intended for replay using headphones.