MENU Anushka // Kisses // Featuring Trim

Anushka // Kisses // Featuring Trim

November 27, 2014

‘Kisses’ is the third single from Anushka’s debut album, Broken Circuit, feauturing an extra verse from Trim.

With Max Wheeler’s references to garage and house in his productions, and Victoria’s soulful voice and emotive songwriting, the Brighton duo create a classic British concoction of subversive dance-pop. A boy boy-meets-girl identikit this is not, though. Combining their own experiences with a dancefloor passion and serious musicianship, the Anushka sound is infectious, energetic and meaningful. This all came to a head in the summer on Broken Circuit, 12 tracks of hybrid dance soul, as unpretentious as it is sincere.

‘Kisses’ marks the album’s third single. Max adopts a quick stepping, playful footwork production to accompany Victoria’s angelic, tender vocals. It’s a beat that screamed out for a guest MC, and stepping up is the industrious cult figure Trim. His trademark languid delivery and vivid lyrics bring a different energy to the sweet sugar rush of the original.

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