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Brownswood Bubblers Six // Great Weekend

November 8, 2010

When you’re pulling together the running order for a compilation, it’s pretty damn important to make a bold statement with the opening track. You’ve got to grab the listener and drag him (or her) into your world… command his attention and leave him wanting more. There’s no room for error, no half measures, no second chances… the first track up has to KILL IT!!!
Who ya gonna call then? Easy, Anthony Khan aka Ynot aka The Twilite Tone aka Great Weekend. ‘Let’s Do It Again (Over & Over) has been a staple of GP’s DJ sets (and radio show playlists) for months now – it’s an anthem… plain and simple. Run the synths!! Oh yeah… no, you’re not mistaken, that is Common standing next to Mr Khan. They’re homies from way back in Chicago when Khan played on his first three albums including ‘The Resurrection’. Heritage!

Who, or what, is Great Weekend?
Great Weekend is a philosophy, event and collective of artists, musicians, disc jockeys, style aficionados and other interesting characters centered around quality music, art, and visual style under the direction of Anthony Khan.

How would you describe the music?
I would have to describe this particular song as Avant-Garde Dance Music as it is produced by our own Master Khan.

Where do you draw your inspiration?
Great Weekend is inspired by what we all know as LIFE. Musically, the sound is a patchwork of different textures, colours, and patterns that transcend industry-enforced genre. Think of any musical movement before media got a hold of it and attempted to define it with a “cool” title and that’s Great Weekend.

What Great Weekend releases are out there or coming soon?
Great Weekend is releasing material through Do Over, the Wurst Music Company and Throne of Blood.
- Great Weekend – “Let’s Do It Again EP” (Do Over)
- Great Weekend – “Taxi Cab Confessions EP” (Throne of Blood)
- Great Weekend – “KhanDoIt[So Long] / That’s The Thing EP” (Wurst Music Company)

Are there any Great Weekend DJ mixes, podcast or officially sanctioned free downloads knockin’ about on the internet that we should point folks to?
DJ mixes, podcast, & Great Weekend exclusives coming soon…

Where can folks check out you and your music?
Anthony Khan / Facebook.
Great Weekend website coming soon…

Check the other Bubblers Six profiles… Javelin, RYAT and Pedestrian. The album is out NOW in all good record shops and digital stores including iTunes of course. And remember our special offer (buy the CD and get the mp3s free) in the Brownswood Store.