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Brownswood electr*c // KiEnRa

June 10, 2010

“Instead of dandruff you can find stardust from his hair. Ki can switch between dimensions with ease and was a good friend of Siddhartha Gautama. He is the son of mother Here and father Now and was born under the 13th zodiac sign called the Human. Nowadays he spends most of the time under waterfalls playing yatzee with elementals and weird forest folk. Ki En Ra can actually prove that there is no leprechauns at the end of the rainbows but that’s another story…”

Confused? Don’t be. KiEnRa aka Ise Eleven makes beats so deliciously bumpy that folks complain of mild whiplash after hearing his music. We discovered him via his dope City Of Moment EP which featured the marvel that is ‘BB Thing’. It’s so tasty we had to put it on our new Brownswood electr*c compilation which drops on 28th June 2010. A rising star of the Worldwide underground in our humble opinion, we thought it appropriate to hit him up for a little Q&A. Hit it…

Can you introduce yourself please?
My name is KiEnRa [actually Janno, pronounced Yaknow ] and I’m from Estonia. I got hold of a computer about 10 years ago, frequent trips to the place called Soundscapes started and here I am.

How would you describe your music
I usually find myself in the middle of rhythms, experimenting… and I endeavour to define feelings through melodies. There is lots of other debris floating around when the magic happens but usually that’s how things go down. No matter how post-acoustic or melodic the music gets.. there is always a little bit of hip-hop involved. My curse and blessing at the same time.

Where do you draw your inspiration to make music?
Anywhere I can. Just the other day a guy whom I presumed was homeless started a conversation with me on the street. He was mad rugged-looking, looked drunk and my first reaction was to ignore him, but I decided to ignore that thought instead. An hour later I found myself stepping out of his modest apartment with two DVDs full of the rawest Indian music videos for sampling. A couple of days after the incident I decided to act brave in the future and open as many doors as possible if the opportunity presents itself. Fear is the thief of all dreams as the picture said on the internet.

What are you working on at the moment?
I’m currently working on my next solo EP which is going to be somewhat different and in some sense even more experimental than the first. Lots of space out there to explore… but everything is still in its infancy. Meanwhile I’ll be Dj-ing in my local spheres ( Estonia ) with my good friend Robi. I’ll be on the lookout for new styles/music/ideas/peoples to fuel my needs and keep my spirits high too.

Where can folks get familiar with your music on the internet?
You can find my podcast under the moniker Ise Eleven for Yes Yes Y’all HERE featuring music from me, Afta-1, Mike Slott, Jackhigh, Steve Spacek, FlyLo and more…

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