MENU Carl Craig VERSUS.... Les Siècles Orchestra

Carl Craig VERSUS…. Les Siècles Orchestra

October 29, 2008

I can’t stop playing Francesco Tristiano – The Melody (C2 Beatless edit)

It sounds amazing… and adds a little erm….? “je ne c’est quoi” to a thumping house set.

So? When I saw this one advertised a little while ago. I was envious of anyone that lived in Paris….

Click on the image to watch Les Siècles Orchestra perform Carl Craig’s music with a full orchestral setup at this year’s Versus event at the Cité de la Musique in Paris. BASICALLY.. Carl Craig handed over some tracks to pianist Francesco Tristano, who arranged the music. François-Xavier Roth directs the orchestra and there’s a new piece which Craig co-wrote with the elusive Berlin producer Moritz Von Oswald… which I think is on this album…


I’m in awe of Carls determination to stretch the boundaries of techno…. and prove that electronic beats are as much “music” as violins or cellos.


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