MENU Check Gilles P vs. Zane Lowe on the BBC iPlayer

Check Gilles P vs. Zane Lowe on the BBC iPlayer

February 22, 2011

In case you missed it last Thursday, Zane Lowe invited Gilles down to his show for one of his “battles”. Basically Gilles crushed him in the first round via Mark Pritchard’s ‘Out In The Streets’ (complete with a cheeky reedit featuring ‘Welcome To Jam Rock’) and there was no coming back from that for Zane, however there was most definitely some awesome music played on all sides. Gilles spinning The Last Poets at 8.30pm on BBC Radio 1 was a highlight for sure. HA! Extra large ups to Zane for inviting us down – we had a ball!

Check it out on the BBC iPlayer – it’s the second hour.


Round 1 – First Round Knockout
GP // Mark Pritchard — Out In The Streets
ZL // J Dilla — Workinitout

Round 2- Favourite New Artist
GP // The Step Kids — La La
ZL // Zoo Kid — Out Getting Ribs

Round 3 – Favourite Rap Song
GP // The Last Poets — It’s a Trip
ZL // Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth — They Reminisce Over You

Round 4 – Rare Necessity
GP // Bee Gees — Stayin Alive (Kon’s Remix)
ZL // Arctic Monkeys — Riot Van (Demo)

Round 5 – Future Sound
GP // Koreless — 4D
ZL // Jai Paul — Btstu

Round 6 – Victory Lap
GP // Blackalicious — Alphabet Aerobics (Cut Chemist’s 2 1/2 Minute Workout)