MENU "coz me a real posion dart..."

“coz me a real posion dart…”

August 31, 2008

The Warrior Queen straight from Jamaica steps up to the mic on The Bugs latest Release… “Poison Dart”


here’s the Kode9 remix of “Skeng”… pure fire ‘dem, Got this remix somewhere. Need to dig it out.


just found this while looking up the link for Kode 9, apparently this is a video for a track that he’s done with The SpaceApe. Kinda interesting…? Or is it because i’m sat indoors on a grisly sunday afternoon.

Was on “The Grand Good” this morning, and seemed predictably interested to see that Banksy has taken his cans to New Orleans… but feel a little disappointed. It’s nice that they’re Banksy n’all but doesn’t really seem like he’s sayin’ much….?! missin’ that tongue n’ cheek that is beggin’ to be exposed in New Orleans of all places..?

Pharrell‘s been back on the case recently… Reckon he realized he went too bling..


I like this new one “Announcement” that he’s done with Common, really lookin’ forward to Common’s new album dropping in the next couple.

Another couple of hustlers that I keep on falling in and out of love with… Jay Z & Kanye. Apparently this is the first time they performed “Jockin’ Jay Z” from the Hoves’ third installment of ‘The Blueprint”.

Been bangin’ this one outta tha speakers…!!

Happy Birthday Rowan..!! Played a few tunes down at her Birthday on Saturday xx Played quite a few bits that i managed to scramble off Switch, Diplo and M.I.A when they came in to record their takeover for Gilles’ Radio One show this week.

If your into that kinda Santogold, MIA, Switchy, Diplo thing or you wana try and figure out what all the fuss is about check MadDecent.. Nuff tracks n’ mixes to download n’ ting.

Had fun at their carnival party thing with Red Bull, apparently it was the launch party for Switch & Diplo’s new Jamaican dancehall insipred label / project “Major Lazer” a dancehall superhero..? They were kinda explainin’ it on Gilles Show, but I couldn’t really figure out what was goin’…?! Either because i was in different headphones or because we were all in a carnival hangover with RedStripe still firmly strapped.

Rye Rye came in with them, but dissappreared when it was her turn to come on the mic. Kinda feeling this.. Is that too dirty….?![youtube=]

Was out with Dan aka Yiung But Wize last night, and he was tellin me that Jay Dees’ brother was puttin out some stuff.. and then found this on XLR8R

Click to Download

Illa J – We Here out on Delicious Vinyl

and this…

Cake Builder - Mohyla
click to download

Cake Builder – Mohyla….on Ad Noisiem – fucked up dubstep from Winnipeg..? Worth a go I suppose…

and….?! Another cut from Koushiks’ forthcoming album, Looking forward to hearing the album, it’s been promised to me.. HiNT! HiNT ALEX :-)

Pysched out hippy hop..?!

click to download
click to download

Koushik – Bright and Shining on Stonesthrow… Again..!!

Respect to everyone that made it down ScarlettFeva’s Birthday in the mini warehouse. Hot 8 Brass Band “Sexual Healing” still drawing the smiles. Trying to find Indie from that party who gave me the Lionel Ritchie vinyl. Wanna find out where you go record shopping.

Gonna be playin’ at a BBE party with Madllb, ?uestlove, Kon & Amir and Gilles Peterson this Friday 5th September. I have no other information. So holla at me if you find out whether it’s actually happening or not.

And then.. it’s my little brother and sisters birthday on Saturday. My sisters turning 18. So i’m bringing her out for her first official clubbing experience.

the bPm, Alex Phountzi (Bugz), Leo Grenslade (YoYo) and Tim Sheridan
the bPm, Alex Phountzi (Bugz), Leo Grenslade (YoYo) and Tim Sheridan

think that’s it..?!

nice to see Fabregas back in full flow..?! But fingers crossed there’s a new midfielder TONIGHT…!?!


the bPm