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Diggers’ Delight

September 17, 2009

Those of you based in North London who still buy vinyl – yeah, all 7 of you – may have been familiar with Ocean Books – a little ramshackle bookstore on Stoke Newington Church Street that had a dope backroom crammed full of records. Jazz, African, hip hop, dance, rock & pop… loads of old junk basically. Nevertheless, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and I’ve picked up loads of bits in there.

Amongst them a couple of hip-house classics by Doug Lazy and Mr Lee:

…plus some OG West Indian vibes from The Original Trinidad Steel Band (1969) kickin’ it:

Sadly Ocean Books is no more… RIP – but rising phoenix-like from the flames is Lucky Seven in the same spot.

I strongly recommend popping in for a browse… and it’s only a 20 sec walk to the Spence Bakery where you can grab a coffee and first-rate pastries/cakes, peruse The Guardian and generally live the Stokey cliche to the max.