MENU Fatima x Slum Village

Fatima x Slum Village

December 16, 2009

Fatima x Slum Village

Well, I didn’t sleep too much last night but really enjoyed the Blue Funk District session with Slum Village. Opening for such a great act and especially when it’s in the hometown is always something special. Therefore I asked Fatima to come down since she was in Rotterdam the night before for a gig with Alex Nut & Floating Points, what’s up Guido..?!! The crowd didn’t know about this, I kept it secret and leaked the news on Twitter only haha; So I started the night and and an hour later introduced Fatima to the crowd. She killed it on some FunkinEven, Dam-Funk and Shafiq beats; “Lil’ Girl” is definitely a winner live! I saw my favorite dutch emcee in the house, NAG from Antwerp and so told him to grab the mic and do his thing; it was good to have him with me. DJ Fab, my buddy from Paris was deejaying for Slum Village and he started with a workshop on used samples in hiphop, Fab did a good job. Then came Slum Village, a sick Elzhi, I mean not healthy, that’s why it took some time for them to get on stage. Of course, banger after banger, Dilla after Dilla beat, you know what to expect. The moment of the night was probably Fatima’s freestyle over the “Reunion” beat; Slum Village wanted her to do a freestyle live and she literally killed it; and I never heard so much noise by a crowd; it was insane, they were going nuts, as you will be able to see at the end of the video I’ve made. Big up to Cris Prolific and Hamid @ Le Tavernier of course for making it happen; Check it out:

Peace – Lefto