MENU **FREE DOWNLOAD** // Gotan Project Tango 3.0 Remix EP

**FREE DOWNLOAD** // Gotan Project Tango 3.0 Remix EP

October 13, 2010

Gotan Project are pleased to announce the release of the Tango 3.0 Remix EP on October 25th. Various tracks from the album have been re-interpreted by a wide-ranging selection of producers. El Remolón and Lagartijeando, both recording artists on Buenos Aires’ ZZK Records, have remixed ‘La Gloria’ and ‘Peligro’ respectively, adding the Nueva Cumbia sound to Gotan Projects tango. Daniel Haaksman bridges the gap between Latin America and Europe with his cumbia-reggaeton via Berlin take on ‘Rayuela’. His label, Man Recordings have also turned in a sultry disco remix of the same track.

British production duo, The Count and Sinden, long time fans of Gotan Project, turn in an instantly danceable remix of ‘De Hombre A Hombre’. German remixer Âme takes the pizzicato of the bass of ‘De Hombre A Hombre’ to build a beautifully deep techno track, while Swiss producer Michel Cleis delivers a infectious dub loaded with cowbells which uses the haunting horns of ‘Panamericana’ to brilliant effect.

To celebrate the forthcoming release, the guys have made the El Remolón remix of ‘La Gloria’ free to download. To get your hands on it just click HERE.