MENU Gilles' Guest Blog for Nu Jazz Spirit

Gilles’ Guest Blog for Nu Jazz Spirit

November 24, 2010

Gilles recently wrote a guest blog post for Nu Jazz Spirit in which he shares his thoughts on his recent trip to Japan and talks about his new projects. Check it all out below. Big shout to the Nu Jazz Spirit crew!
“I played 4 shows there – all very different.

The highlight was probably the night I performed alongside Cyro Baptista (incredible)


Maia Barouh (daughter of Pierre – deep!) Bugge Wesseltoft (supreme), Akiko (highly rated Japanese Jazz singer)

and a combination group featuring Root Soul and Cro Magnon – the whole session took place at the Liquid Room early evening and was augmented by an amazing light show called Megastar…It was an ambitious session but it worked so well – really good that all Francois K, Danny Krivitt and Joe Clausell came along to check it out too – I love doing different stuff as you know…and this was highly satisfying!


Meanwhile I’ve fallen in love with a classic Tokyo club called Air -

I’ve played several times there before..but they’ve improved the sound and this club (you may remember it from a scene in “Lost In Translation”)

is now one of the best in the world – I Dj’d from 2 till 8.30 am – it really was a special night!

meanwhile I’m counting down to Jan 1 when I take 4 months off DJing in clubs and events (except for WW awards on Jan 22 at Koko!)…

This is because I’m running the London marathon for the Steve Reid foundation – a charity I set up to provide some funds for musicians without proper medical insurance – I spent time with Steve before he died of cancer earlier this year. as you know Steve was one of the most incredible artists -

He performed with Miles, Fela, Sun Ra and so many more – and his conditions at the end of his life were not as they should have been.

There’ll be details of the charity on my website in a few weeks…wish me luck…I’ve got a lot of catching up to do in my running challenge – I’m having panic attacks already!

So my last few shows of the year include a night at La Machine in Paris on december 17 – I’ll be playing with Hugo Mendez of Sofrito and DJ Deep – should be fun!

Keep doing what you do
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