MENU Gilles Peterson // Worldwide Awards 2015 // Introducing Nikitch

Gilles Peterson // Worldwide Awards 2015 // Introducing Nikitch

November 17, 2014

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Hailing from Lyon, classically trained producer, Nicolas Morant, better known as Nikitch is our 5th Worldwide Awards artist announcement. Mixing the eclectic sounds of footwork, jazz, electro and trap, his productions have seen support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Gilles Peterson and Cid Rim.

Where in the world…

…Are you now? At home, in Lyon, France.

…Inspires you? These days I was thinking a lot of the city of Vienna, for the whole Jazz/Hip hop local scene there (dorian concept, cid rim the clonious..) Quite exciting place and really nice town, though.

…Have you done your best performance? Honestly, I think it was in Sète for the last edition of the Worldwide Festival.. I was a little bit shy at the beginning, but the man Simbad really warmed the crowd just before my set, so I just had to go deeply in my sound and enjoy !

…Has the best food? France, of course ;)

…Has the cutest boys / girls? I think there’s cute people everywhere in the world, you just have to watch for them ;)

…Do you go to escape? In my music I think ! It’s definitely the cheapest way to go where nobody can bother you..

…Do you most want to go? So many places.. South America, Norway, India… Difficult to choose.

…How many languages can you say hello in? 25 different languages.

…And can you prove it? Yeah, I could. but not now.

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