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Goodbye Marc

October 1, 2008

Kirk Degiorgio said this:It’s quite possible Marc Moulin’s influence on today’s music scene is far greater than his relative lack of intenational profile could ever suggest“.

Today, we (Belgians) have lost a father.  Marc Moulin has left us at the age of 66 (he died of a throat cancer) and leaves a huge gap behind.  Not only was he a jazz legend but he also took the electro-pop to another level (watch Telex at the Eurosong Festival 1980). Besides that, he was also a humourist and a radio personality.  What I can say about Marc? That I was very honored meeting him and that I could present my album on Blue Note @ Marc Moulin’s album presentation (how weird was that) at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels (our home). That, unfortunately Stonesthrow couldn’t find time with Blue Note Belgium to make an album of Marc Moulin remixes by Madlib (he wanted to do that badly he told me); and probably the saddest thing, that the dopest producers around like DJ Vadim (stay strong) and J Dilla (and many others) sampled work from the man, came to Belgium and never met the man. Take Placebo for example, that’s Dilla right there.  Marc we will miss you and your keyboards.

Marc Moulin Repose En Paix