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Goodbye John…. Hello Martyn

February 18, 2009

So? As we remember the great lengths that John Martyn went expand the musical spectrum….

… becomes time to celebrate Martyn of a different kind.

I managed to squeeze Martyns new album “Great Lengths” out of him a couple of weeks ago.


It was a little upfront, so i’ve been sitting on it a little while and listening as closely as one can to it.

Well? It’s no secret that Martyn is one my most favored electronic producers at the moment… and his refixes of “Epileptic” by Shut up and Dance, TRG’s “Broken Heart” and Steve Spaceks “Your a Star” were all up there as my favorites of 2008.


In fact my obsession with anything that he touched reached so far, that at one point Gilles was spreading the rumour that I was in fact Martyn.

Well? I’m not… but I wish i shared his soundscape!!!

The forthcoming album “Great Lengths” on his own imprint 3024 is for sure a must have album…..!!!

Martyn places himself amongst the new breed of electronic hierachy that includes Shackleton, Appleblim, Kode9, Burial, Skream, Benga, Flying Lotus and any other new generation don that you care to mention.

Its hard to pick out the stand out track…. It truthfully is an  album that must be enjoyed from start to finish, and is seemless as an exploratory mixtape.


Check the mix below that Martyn did for Skreams Stella Sessions show on Rinse FM, it includes album tracks Natural Selection and Vancouver as well as the afforementioned Epileptic and Broken

Martyn on Skreams Stella Sessions

1. Martyn – Natural Selection (3024)
2. Slaughter Mob – No Snare (Slugs In The Mud)
3. Skream – Trapped in a Dark Bubble (Dubplate)
4. Martyn – Suburbia (Applepips)
5. Geiom – Reminissin’ [Kode9 remix] (Berkane Sol)
6. TRG – Broken Heart [Martyn's DCM mix] (Hessle Audio)
7. Horsepower Productions – Hand of Death (Tempa)
8. Benny – Jahroel (Dubplate)
9. Pantha du Prince – Florac [Jus Wan remix] (Tube)
10. Martyn – Vancouver (3024)
11. Shut Up And Dance – Epileptic [Martyn's no strobe mix] (Shut Up And Dance Recs)

taken from… Chris Bentano blog


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