MENU Havana Cultura Mix // The Launch Party

Havana Cultura Mix // The Launch Party

November 19, 2014

Following Gilles Peterson’s longstanding musical love affair with Cuba, He set out to record the third volume of the Havana Cultura series. For the past five years Gilles has regularly visited Havana; its warmth, strength and diverse culture hasn’t failed to impress. Assembling some of the finest artists in Cuba with some emerging producers from around the world, a musical melange of deeply rooted hip-hop, reggaeton, jazz, soul and Cuban rhythms was formed.

Producers from all over the world, from South London to South Africa collaborated with Cuban artists to produce an album which is both unique, current and reflective of Cuban culture. In attempt to preserve the “anything can happen” spirit I’ve carried with me throughout previous sessions and worked with a wide range of disciplines and textures.

Excited to welcome back Sexto Sentido, who brought to the studio their r&b influenced melodies; Daymé- and her powerful vocals, Coki and Yeni, from Aguiri-Yo, and their African-Cuban twist.

Gilles is excited with the outcome of this album, it’s fusion of different genres almost makes it genre-less. It’s a great snapshot of Cuban music culture, but with a mix of cultures from all over.

Preview the album:

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Watch Dayme Arocena perform in the Basement session