MENU Havana Cultura // Orisa remixes by Atjazz, Chancha Via Circuito & Alex Patchwork

Havana Cultura // Orisa remixes by Atjazz, Chancha Via Circuito & Alex Patchwork

May 10, 2012

Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura Band – Orisa feat. Dreiser & Sexto Sentido
Digital release: 21st May 2012

01. Atjazz Love Soul Remix
02. Atjazz Astro Dub
03. Chancha Via Circuito Remix
04. Alex Patchwork Remix
05. Original Album Version

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Following hard on the heels of the Agita remixes from Switch & Sinden and Sunlightsquare, we’re back with heavyweight reworks of Orisa by the mighty Atjazz, Chancha Via Circuito and our own Alex Patchwork.

Martin ‘Atjazz’ Iveson is a veteran of the UK’s vibrant electronic underground. Rolling through with not one, but two killer Orisa remixes, Atjazz bumps up the shuffle factor on his “Love Soul Remix” (a favourite with Osunlade), maximising the percussion and making full use of Dreiser and Sexto Sentido’s vocals. His “Astro Dub” goes deeper, with pounding kicks and sub bass underpinning layer upon layer of freaky Afro-Cuban drums.

Chancha Via Circuito hails from the urban sprawl of Buenos Aires, chopping and screwing Latin rhythms and native drum traditions for the sound system at the Zizek Club – focal point of the Nueva Cumbia sound – and releasing his creations via the acclaimed ZZK imprint. Twisting Sexto Sentido’s spiritual chant with typical panache, his rework links the dancefloors of Cuba, Argentina and London. Diasporic roots and routes.

Last but by no means least, Alex Patchwork pops up with a rambunctious nod to the UK Funky template, heavy on the low end and gratuitous kalimba vibes. One for the dance, no doubt.