MENU Hidden treasure: Selah Sue

Hidden treasure: Selah Sue

May 24, 2009

Last night I had a gig in Leuven and Selah Sue was also on the bill. I finally met the 20-year old lady from around the corner (she’s from Leuven, Belgium)and it was good talking to her. She’s incredibly talented, (loves drum ‘n bass and related music) and that’s why I wanted to post it here. We talked about her future plans for a minute and I can tell you (without dropping a name) that the artist who’s about to work with her is a huge name in the world of music. I’m really looking forward to that.  In the meantime I invited her to my radioshow and that should be pretty soon; check this one out:[youtube=]
Remember the name, she might come in a town near yours soon or later.  Check her myspace.