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Im feeling it!

August 14, 2008

Im taking a small break from my work to say that Im really starting to feel this blog. It puts the biggest smile on my face when you guys get involved and write comments. Its great! Get involved people! And Im loving the fact that we are getting more contributors as well. A bit of fresh air never hurt anybody!

On a different note, I was thinking of going down to the library to print off some things. The sun has been shining all day so far, but as soon as that thought hit me, I could hear thunder roaring outside my window! I must be doing some weird sort of rain dance in my sleep… Or what else could be the explanation for the Orsi+Outside=Rain equation? Although, I must point out that Blue Train with John Coltrane is one of the best songs to listen to when it is raining, especially if its dark outside.

Anyways, back to work! I hope you all are having a nice day!