MENU GPWW708-713 International Radio Show // Playlist Catch-Up

GPWW708-713 International Radio Show // Playlist Catch-Up

November 29, 2010


Yo, apologies folks, we’ve been slipping a bit on getting Gilles’ International tracklists up over the past month but here’s the whole lot for you to check out…

GPWW 708 // 15th-21st October 2010

Omar Khorshid — Rasket El Fadaa (MFP)
Gerald Wilson and His Orchestra — Algerian Fantasy (Mosaic)
Sh/Jazz Quintet — Jordu (Supraphon)
Toldi Maria — Fazom (Qualiton)
King James Version — He’s Forever (White Label)
Andrew Wartts — Rise Up (Numero)
Darling Dears — I Don’t Think I Could Ever Love Another (White Label)
The Meditation Singers — Let Them Talk (Soul Jazz)
The Meditation Singers — Trouble’s Brewing (Jewel)
David Frost & Billy Taylor — Bright Star In The East (Bell)
DJ Shadow — I’ve Been Trying (Island)
DJ Shadow — Organ Donor (Mo Wax)
DJ Shadow — 6 Days (Island)
DJ Shadow — This Time (Island)
DJ Krush — Duality Feat DJ Shadow (Mo Wax)
Impulse — Face From The Past (White Label)
The Limit — Do It (Survival Records)
Jerome — Guitar Rap (White Label)
Doty Gouock — Wouck (Musique Mondiale)
Earl Rodney — Juck Juck (Antillana)
Unknown — Untitled (White Label)
Sonny Okosun — Sound Of The Forest (Soundway)
Brain Train — Me (Titan)

GPWW 709 // 22nd-28th October 2010

Cee Lo – I Want You  (Warner)
Sbtrkt & Sampha – Step & Shadows (Young Turks)
Terror Danja – Leave Me Alone  (White Label)
Digital Mystikz – Education (Deep Medi)
James Blake – Limit To Your Love (Atlas)
Onirique – La Bonne Etoile (Onirique)
Herbie Hancock – Mwandishi (Warner Bros)
Massa – Unknown (Unknown)
Taylor McFerrin – A Place In My Heart (Test)
Stepkids – For Shadows On The Hearth (Stones Throw)
Anikia – Yang Yang (Invada)
Gary Bartz – Firing (Kon Touch-Up) (White Label)
Owinwe Sigoma – Untitled (Unknown)
Philip Cohran and The Artistics Heritage Ensemble – The African Look (Midday Music)

Worldwide Family Mixtape :: DJ Nuts
Sao Paulo, Brazil

José Mauro E Ana Maria Bahiana – A Viagem Das Horas (Tapecar)
José Mauro E Ana Maria Bahiana – Apocalipse (Tapecar)
Victor Assis Brasil – Dindi (Far Out)
Daybreak Deodato – Walking Out On Yesterday (Cherry Red)
Piri – Cupido Esculpido (Qartin)
Danilo Caymmi – Racha Cartola (Whatmusic)
Nana Vasconcelos – Ananda (Midday)
Joyce Nelson Angelo – Tudo Começa De Novo (EMI)
Beto Guedes, Danilo Caymmi, Novelli, Toninho Horta – Serra Do Mar (Odeon)
Tribo – Kyrie (Unknown)
Tribo – Onoceonekotô (White Label)
Equipe Mercado – Mary K No Esgoto Das Maravilhas (Odeon)
Piry – Quase Meio Dia (Unkown)
Marcos Valle – Democustico (Mr Bongo)
Amado Maita – Monstro Verde Do Mal (White Label)
Guilherme Coutinho – Estuário (White Label)
Renato Mendes -  De Você Numero Um (White Label)
Erasmo Carlos – Minha Gente (Sonhos E Memorias)
Luis Vagner – Eu Queria Ir Para O Céu. (Cousas E Lousas)
Hareton Salvanini – Viver (Continental)
Pessoal do Ceara – O Susto (White Label)
Hareton Salvanini – You Cant Run Away From Your Destiny (Aguamanda)
Vanusa – Talvez (RCA)
Paulo Moura- Tema dos Deuses (White Label)
Som Imaginario – A 3 (The Label)
Luis Carlos Vinhas – Tanganica (Mr Bongo)

Rubens Bassini – Latino Fantastico (Far Out)
Gotan Project – Panamericana (Michelle Cleis Mix) (XL Recordings)

GPWW 710 // 29th October – 4th Novemer 2010

Jonathan Jeremiah – Happiness (Quiet Village Remix) (Rosario)
Richard Wahnfried – Schwung (Tonwelle)
dOP – New York (Watergate)
The Gaslamp Killer – When I’m In Awe ft. Gonjasufi (Death Gate)
Bullion – Too Right (Young Turks)
Computer Jay – Rare Type (All City)
Wee – I’m All Changed (Numero)
Shuggie Otis – Special (White Label)
Linda Clifford – Runaway Love [Remix] (Unidisc)

Gilles’ Winter Is Approaching Mix
Jean Claude T – Genesis (Philly International)
Augusto Martelli – Walk In Caribe (Beat Head)
Robert Vanderbilt and the Foundation of Souls – A Message Especially from God (Sensational)
Ahmad Jamal – Minor Moods (Cadet)
Dalmi Synger – I Rio De Janeiro (Meteronome)
Gale Garnett – You’ve Been Talkin ‘Bout me, Baby (Columbia)
Gabriel and his Angels – Hey (April)
Philip Cohran and The Artistic Heritage – Ain’t Nobody Gonna Treat Us Like They Used To (Zulu / Jazzman)
Simsec Simmons and Band – Computing (Maurci)
Rosemary ‘Red’ Hallum – Wiggle (Activity)
Lohn Legend – Ordinary People (Columbia)
The Lightmen – Give It Up (Jazzman)
Curtis Green – I Just Gotta Get Down Part 2 (Expose Music)
Flora Wilson – Dancing on a Daydream (Soulvation Army)
The Undisputed Truth – Sandman (Whitfield)
Terumasa Hino Sextet – Be And Know (Fuji)

Brandt Brauer Frick – Mi Corazon (K7)
Lone – Cloud 909 (White Label)

GPWW 711 // 5th -11th November 2010

Cinematic Orchestra – Diabolous (Straight Ahead)
Brandbauer Frick – Bop  (Field)
Scuba – So You Think You’re SpecIal (Joe Remix)  (Hotflush)
Herbaliser – Something Wicked (Ninja Tune)

Alex Patchwork Mix
Quannum Projects – Entropy (Part C – Count & Estimate) (Quannum Projects / Ninja Tune)
Dynamic Syncopation – 2 Tha Left (Ninja Tune)
Wagon Christ – Boney L (Ninja Tune)
DJ Food – Inosan (Black Devil Mix Part 1) (Ninja Tune)
London Funk Allstars – Listen To The Beat (Ninja Tune)
DJ Food – Sexy Bits (Autechre Aev9 Mix) (Ninja Tune)
DJ Food – Strange Taste / Taste Strange (Ninja Tune)
The Herbaliser – Scratchy Noise (Ninja Tune)
Funki Porcini – Hyde Park (Ninja Tune)
DJ Vadim – Relax With Pep (Part 5) (Ninja Tune)
DJ Vadim – Relax With Pep (Part 6) (Ninja Tune)
Funki Porcini – Purrfect (Ninja Tune)
DJ Vadim – This Goes Out (Ninja Tune)
DJ Vadim – The Next Shit (Ninja Tune)
2 Player – Extreme Possibilities [Wagon Christ Mix] (Ninja Tune)
Mr Scruff – Ug (Ninja Tune)

DJ Food – The Crow (Ninja Tune)
Cinematic Orchestra – Channel 1 Suite (Ninja Tune)
Mr Scruff – Get A Move On (Ninja Tune)
Roots Manuva – Dreamy Days (Big Dada)

The Lightmen – Ashie (Judnell)
Dwight Trible – John Coltrane (Ninja Tune)

Mr Scruff Mix
Kennith Wallam – If We Try (White Label)
Jesse Futaman – Strange Fruit  (White Label)
Quadron – Average Fruit (Plug Research)

Treva Whateva ‘Singalong’ (Ninja Tune)
Mr Scruff & Alice Russell ‘Music Takes Me Up’ (Ninja Tune)
Mr Scruff ‘Blackpool Roll’ (Ninja Tune)
Frank Cunimondo Trio & Lynn Marino ‘Feeling Good’ (Movieplay)
Mr Scruff ‘Fish’ (Ninja Tune)
Up, Bustle & Out – The Revolutionary Woman Of The Windmill’ (Ninja Tune)
Sugarhill Gang 8th Wonder (Pressure Drop Mix)’ (Castle)
Coldcut ‘Beats & Pieces’ (Ahead Of Our Time)
Mr Scruff ‘Champion Nibble’ (Ninja Tune)
Circle Trap – Fjord (White Label)
DJ Food – Conciousness [Ashley Beedle Mix] (White Label)

GPWW 712 // 12th-18th November 2010

Sequick – Close To You (Jazzy Sport)
Christian Prommer & Alex Barck – Pictures Of The Sea (Permanent
Isoul8 & Mark De Clive Lowe – Stop Bajon (Archive)
Ron Bass Jam – San Fran Man (White Label)
Eliphino – I Just Can’t (Underwater Records)
Ms Beatz – Sanctuary (White Label)
Buddy Sativa – The Pilgrim (Favourite)
Quasimode – Take The New Fontier (Two  Banks Of Four Mix) (Geneon Test)
Hugo Fattuoso & Rey Tambor – Candombes Del Ayer (White Label)
Cassandra Wilson – Beneath A Siver Moon (Blue Note)
Cordes Sensibles – All For One (Speak No Evil)
John Roberts – Lesser (Dial)
The Beast & Nnena Freelon – Umi Says (9th Wonder)
Bubba Thomas And The Lightmen – Psychosomatic (Lightnin Records)

::Worldwide Family Mixtape – Gotan Project::
Paris, France

Chancha via Circuito – Bosques via Temperley (ZZK)
El Hijo De La Cumbia – La Mara Tomasa (ZZK)
El Remolon – Pikatxu (ZZK)
Gotan Project – Triptico (Frikstailers Remix) (Ya Basta!)
Dead Menems- Taliban Del Amor (El Remolon Remix) (ZZK)
Gotan Project – Quermos Paz (King Coya Remix) (White Label)
Bomba Estereo – Fuego (Chusma)
El Hijo De La Cumbia – Cumbia Regional  (Soot)
Oki Dub Ainu Band – Kon Kon (Chicar Studio)
Kingdon Afrox – Daichi Remix (Ground Riddim)
Saltwater Samuri – The Battle Of Depford (White Label)

GPWW 713 // 19th-25th November 2010

Sepulcure – Fleur (Hotflush)
Sound Dimension Controller – Transatlantic Landing Bay (R&S)
Floating Points – Marylyn (Eglo)
Cerrone – Hooked On You [Kon Re Edit] (White Label)
Ojeda Penn – To All My Influences (IFE)
Seymour Liberty (Coultrain) – Jubliation (White Label)
Robert Mitchell’s Panacea – The Cusp (Edition)
Jazz Invaders – Make It Work (Social Beats)
Raphael Gualizzi  – 3 Second Breath [Gilles Remix] (White Label)
Daniel Tate – Ok Then (White Label)
Sol – Bird Of Beauty (GCP)

Herbie Hancock Feature
Herbie Hancock — Speak Like A Child (Blue Note)
Herbie Hancock — Succotash (Blue Note)
Herbie Hancock — Just Around The Corner (CBS)
Herbie Hancock — Tamatant Tilay / Exodus (Sony)

Kan Sano – Elements Of Notice (Listen Up / Art Union)
Homeboy Sandman – Core Rhythm (High Water)
Breton -  Counter Balance (Hemlock)
Colonel Red – Rain A Fall (White Label)

Jay Electronica Ft Jay Z – The Shiny Suit Theory (Roc Nation)
Homeboy Sandman – Parallel Perpendicular (2 Hungry Bros)
Plearn Promdan – Wan Maha Sanook (Soundway)
Ebo Taylor – Love And Death (Strut)
Rodolfo Alchourron – Clarification (Unknown)
Radio Citizen- Thema (Ubiquity)
John Coltrane – Equinox (Rhino)