MENU Introducing Josephine Chime // Artist in residence at the #worldwideawards 2011

Introducing Josephine Chime // Artist in residence at the #worldwideawards 2011

January 21, 2011

This year the design, branding, awards and visuals for this year’s Worldwide Awards have all been created by Hackney-based artist Josephine Chime. She is best known for her intricate and bold celebratory images of plus sized women – but we know her simply as “The Biscuit Queen”.

BW. Can you introduce yourself please?

JC: My name is Josephine Ada Chinonye Chime, you can call me Josephine or JACC not too fussy. 
I’m a Hackney lady born and raised, a creator who gives birth to bizarre images in the mind.

BW. What was your inspiration for your “Worldwide” design? Has it been fun to work on?

JC: It’s been a wonderful challenge, I love creating on big scales and I really feel like I’m part of something special. It was a very memorable night. I’ve been looking at the relationship between science and music, geometry,  sound waves and how people really lose themselves when they compose music. 
I noticed that there was a strong presence of electronic, experimental artist on the WWA bill, they remind me of musical nutty professors.

BW. Your own artwork is quite visceral and confrontational… Do you find you have to hold back when being commissioned as a designer as opposed to being an “artist”?

JC: I’m self indulgent with my art as long as its saying something relevant and creates a dialogue between people that’s all I care about. This time round I had to take in consideration of the spirit and energy of the Worldwide Awards and not get too lost in my own world.
I was quite blessed with this commission to design the award and animations as I was entrusted to take the design where I wanted and be experimental, but it’s a design project so I couldn’t come to the table with too odd ball mad ideas.

BW: We’ve heard you like to cook – what is the Sit Down Affair all about?

JC: The Sit Down Affair was started by three ladies myself: Katia and Xica. I was always having amazing dinners at their houses – they are wicked cooks. I realised that most of people I knew didn’t eat together unless it was for a special occasions like birthdays so I thought we should share the goodness and host big dinner parties. Last year we launched the SDA night by taking over a Dalston restaurant for one night a month and cooking for friends and lovely strangers. I wanted a fun vibe where people came to enjoy good conversation and fun relaxing vibe with beautiful food which didn’t cost a bomb . 
Now its just Katia and I who cook all the food from scratch. It’s crazy mad fun, we have our DJ friends create podcasts for the dinner and we get a really good response from all different people who come down after hearing about The Sit Down Affair. It turns into a bit of a party at the end of the night.

BW. Tell us your 3 favorite places to eat WORLDWIDE.

JC: I can truly say my Aunty’s kitchen in Enugwu in Nigeria is amazing although its mainly used by family.
 I remember eating in a massive real boat perched on the the sea front , a lot more impressive than the ones on the Thames. In Pescara, on the north coast of Italy I ate all the best freshly caught fish lovingly seasoned and served for an orgasmic experience. 
The Hackney Pearl in London has to get a mention because it’s in Hackney Wick where I live and I spend all my money on their desserts. Their New York cheese cake is soo addictive and annoyingly the Hackney Pearl is situated right underneath my warehouse… proper temptation.

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The Worldwide Awards Visuals on the night were provided by Meena Ayittey