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Introducing Worldwide Family…Grems

January 26, 2011

You may have noticed the striking artwork on Simbad and Lefto’s Worldwide Family Volume 1. This was designed by Brussels based artist / designer / musician Michael Eveno AKA Grems.

BW: Introduce Yourself

GREMS: my name is Michael. I live in London and Brussels. I am a designer and rapper. I work in design for Swatch, Nike, RATP, Skunkfunk, Sir Benni Miles … lots of brands in the world. In music I invented a music that call’d the DEEPKHO mixture of rap and deephouse. I work with Opolopo, Simbad, MachineDrum, Foreign Beggars, wildchild, Son of kick …I’m a gypsy.

BW:   Thank you for the design you did on the Simbad and Lefto CD – was it fun to work on?

GREMS: Well yes it’s very cool to work for a label like brownswood. I’m happy:) I realized my dream on my album 4em book brokabilly “I worked with Simbad, so it’s normal for me to oblige:)

BW: what are your favourite places wordwide?

GREMS: Bali, Indonesia, Perth Autralia, tokyo japan <3

BW: Do you see yourself first and foremost as a designer or as an artist?

GREMS: I am an artist. this is my way of life. I chose the design to make money and rap as participation. although today both are a success I remain a designer for the money and rapper to tour the world and share.

BW: What are your hopes for 2011

GREMS: Well. in 2011 I have an album with rap and Deep Kick & Son Of Sinbad and Disiz, plus an album with my friends Entek is a mix of dubstep and rap. and with my Ep OPOLOPO and other solo album. many things this year. much with my English friends the Foreign Beggars. Finally, too many things.
for design. I have a big exhibition in Seville. a retrospective book of my album “brokabilly” and I am preparing an exhibition in Brussels and London and of course full of the customer and as we opened my brand USLE. <>

BW: where can people go to find out more about you.

GREMS: It is not simple because im crazy for the design.

for the music
and all my video. 8 movie for Broka billy this year.

Look out for the brand new Grems / Brownswood Worldwide Family T Shirts on sale at the merchandise stall at the Worldwide Awards on the 22nd January. This will be the first in a series of strictly limited edition “WORLDWIDE” T shirts that we will be bringing out in 2011.