MENU It's been a long time... I shouldn't have left you without a dope beat to step to

It’s been a long time… I shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step to

November 12, 2008

But then again, Lefto and the bPm has been very active, sharing their rather great taste in music and dope beats, so you might not even have noticed my lack of blogging.

Nevertheless, here I am, mostly thanks to the fifth instalment of Worldwide Underground from last night and the inspiration I got from seeing so many of the Brownswood crowd and family last night. I was working the door most of the night, but even though I couldn’t be downstairs, shaking my little booty and dancing my cares away, the good vibes from the night were felt all the way upstairs, and I had an amazing time meeting all the dedicated fans that showed up (despite the horrible weather!). I don’t know if the message has been put across loud and clear enough, but you guys; our most loyal fans, hardcore loving critics, and family members, are the main reason why we hold these nights. And once again, last night you showed us why you are incredible, and why you are worth every effort and hard work.
I don’t think you get enough credit in this blog. (You get some, but not as much as you deserve!) So, I would personally like to say thank you to all of you guys who came down and supported the night, for all of you who read the blog and comment and share your thoughts and opinions, for all of you who go out and buy the records, all of you. I just want to get the message across that you matter, and that we care. We appreciate everything you do for us, and all the joy you bring. And we hope, or, I hope, that you feel the same way.

On a personal note:

Mr Dixon Jr, I hope you get/got home safe and have/had the chance to celebrate your new president in style. You are one of the most genuine performers/DJ’s I’ve ever met, and not only did you play amazing music, but your entrence was óne of the cutest and most personal ones I have ever experienced. (No offence, you are a legend, and I appreciate that you took the time to have a chat with me)
Ben, my darling, its always a pleasure to see you! That cheeky smile of yours lights up a room (if not two) and I’m really hoping that I’ll get the chance to see a bit more of you now that you live in the Capital City!
José, haha, the surprise of the evening! (to say the least) I’ve already declared my love and respect for you in this blog plenty of times. But, the truth is, you made my night.. I have missed you so much! And I envy the rest of the crew who get to see you more often. I never get the chance to spend quality time with you when you’re around, and the first night I got the honour to meet you (in May) is a moment I will treasure for ever.
Thristian, my brother from another mother, my partner in crime on these Monday nights, I love you (yes, I said the L word!…) You’re confusing and silly and forgetful, but also fun and caring and a great laugh and a great person to be around, and an inspiration to say the least.
And last but never the least; Gilles, Emily, Simon… You can visit and live in a lot of places, and experience a lot of things, but its true what they say “There is no place like home”. And for me, Brownswood will always be my number 1 home. So I just wanted to send some extra love to you. Its been more than well deserved!

All the best to you all, and hope to see you next week!

Much Love!

Orsi x