MENU José James at the Jazz Café

José James at the Jazz Café

May 20, 2008

Hello everybody!

Firstly, the Brownswood team would like to thank all of you who came down to show your support and love last Monday night at the José James gig. We had a great night and hope you did too.

Secondly, I feel like I need to make a bit of a personal note about the show, mostly because I was completely blown away by José and the band.

I was brought up on mainly Jazz music, and it’s a genre that will always be close to my heart. I absolutely love José James album “The Dreamer”, so it’s safe to say that my expectations were pretty high last Monday night. I had heard so much good things about him and his live shows, but what I experienced that night was something out of the ordinary. I remember sitting upstairs, the band had just gone up on stage and started playing. Then after a while José came up on stage and I was gone. He literally swept me off my feet and I didn’t know how to react. I was so overwhelmed I just closed my eyes and let the music carry me away. I don’t know if it was José, the band, or maybe the great atmosphere in the Jazz Café, but I’ve never felt that way at a live show before. It is a bit difficult to put in words, and I was literally speechless when I got home. But if I had to try to explain it, it would be in the lines of this:

Have you ever felt that kind of love that simply takes your breath away? That, when you look into that persons eyes, he/she makes you feel like you and him/her are the only people in the universe. Time just stops. It stands still and all that exists is now. And the now is so powerful, that it consumes you. It fills you up, and shakes and moves every single particle in your body. And in that moment, it suddenly feels like you and that special person are one. One energy, one love, one soul.

It might sound silly, but that is how I felt.

I thought it was a magical experience, and I would personally like to thank José, the band (Elan, Rich, Neville), Ben (for the guest appearance on his birthday), and everybody else that was there who made the atmosphere and the whole evening something very special.

If you missed José James show last week, don’t worry. He will be back on the 6th of August, playing at the Roundhouse here in London.

Much love to all of you!