MENU JtotheC - A Man And His Funk (preview ep download)

JtotheC – A Man And His Funk (preview ep download)

September 24, 2009

JtotheC - A Man And His Funk - Free Preview EP Download

Words can not describe the pride with which I’m presenting ‘A Man And His Funk’, a preview EP of the album currently being cooked up by my partner-in-crime JtotheC, aka vic, aka many other names.

(photo taken by: JtotheC // design by: J.Neversleeps)


What you’ll be hearing here is a preview to the goodness that is to come, the archives currently hold over two dozens of demo tracks, three of which are presented here.

Stay tuned for the mini-documentary that’ll be hitting your on-point screens next week, in which you’ll get to witness parts of the recording process behind this. Now, click the picture above, download the tracks and get your funk on.

Meanwhile, ‘A Man And His Funk’, in his own words.