MENU Karen P finallly up on the brownswood blog!

Karen P finallly up on the brownswood blog!

August 13, 2008

Hello Brownswood!

Wow – What an honour – a brownswood guest (b)log-in!

Well what can I say – life at Karen P towers has been a bit crazy this summer (if you can call it a summer?!).
Apart from the Big Chill and a lovely weekend in Brighton, I seem to have been non-stop working! If I want a bit of holiday nowadays it seems that the only way to get it is tack it on to the end of a work trip! (I did manage to have a lovely week in the islands off the coast of Croatia after The Garden Festival in Zadar).

But i guess i can’t complain – especially when I’ll be doing the same in October when I head to Japan (for the first time!) with Jamie Cullum and Soil and Pimp Sessions…

For now though i’m firmly focussed on next week’s Broad Casting at Cargo!

Apologies for using my first Brownswood Guest Blog to plug my own night – but hopefully it’ll be something you guys will all appreciate….

It’s an Accidental Records special and will feature three amazing live acts – Finn Peters, Dave Okumu’s new outfit The Invisible and also the very wonderful Micachu and The Shapes who are a quirky indie-pop trio produced by Matthew Herbert himself.

As usual I’l be playing a few records too – Hope to see you there?