MENU L.A. Day #0.5

L.A. Day #0.5

September 16, 2009

Yes, finally… it took me 10 years to come back to the United States. I really missed L.A., the weather and the vibe in general. The flight was ok, I had a tough time without the little screen in front of me but found someone to talk to after a couple hours, guy named José and also from Belgium and on a trip to Vegas via Los Angeles… Arrived at LAX, my homeboy Jonathan who’s working for Exile, Blu, Shafiq and others picked me up, on the way to my homie Earganic we listened to new joints by Blu, man, I can’t wait to hear the full album, heavy productions, the kind of productions you guys out there will love I’m sure. At that time I was up for more than 24hours (so imagine in what condition I am now…); happy to see my longtime buddy Eric aka Earganic and his new girlfriend, and that crazy dog that will give me a hard time tonite I’m sure… I need to sleep so my peoples, give me a break I’ll get back with more footage later; tomorrow it’s time for the Low End Theory, yeah.. ow, another friend just got in…damn, not ready to go to sleep yet…