MENU L.A. Day #4.6

L.A. Day #4.6

September 21, 2009


Came back from Palm Springs around 4am and had a difficult time to wake up this morning, headache and jetlag still being a bitch to me. Once arrived in Hollywood at the Do-Over with J Kim, all my bad feelings were gone, I think music is probably my best doctor, heals everything inside of me, well maybe not everything haha. Met Chris, one of the guys in charge at the Do-Over, friendly and there if you need him. I liked the food they served, lasagna, pasta and vegetables, and tasty… and of course the music was bangin’ when I came in too, in the back is the terrace, that’s where the magic happens. A bar in the back and on the other side the dj booth with everything set-up the way you want it, isn’t it great? What I like most here is the crowd, they are open to every genre and not complaining and certainly not requesting anything, they just dance and enjoy the end of the weekend. I got on at 5pm, it was still pretty hot around that time, lucky we’re under a tree, that helped. We had a technical problem as channel 3’s line input was just fucked up…anyway, technology isn’t perfect innit?! Had a bit more than one hour to rock the crowd, which I did or at least tried until the cops came to ask us to turn down the volume, well, shit happens, lucky that wouldn’t last too long. BAM, volume up again and finish with dubstep, and “the <<step>>over” was born! Up to Sake One from San Francisco, he just went through anything, any style…dope deejay. Then one of my favo’s, i’m talking about Karizma of course; Baltimore’s finest ripped it the same way as friday in San Francisco. House music at its finest and mixed in the Karizma way meaning effects on and here’s the mix, in your face haha. Voila, had a blast at the Do-Over, want to thankChris and Aloe and to the marvelous crowd out there showing mad love, I hope I can come back to give you all that love back. Much love and respect…and good music!

Here’s the video