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LeFtO does Japan

August 6, 2010

The living legend that is DJ LeFtO is currently on tour in Japan, so Japanese homies should grab this opportunity to to enjoy an evening in his company – I personally guarantee that you’ll have an awesome time. Plus, he’s joined by the Jazzy Sport crew, so you know the music selection will be impeccable.

Funny that he’s spinning in Morioka – that’s way up in Iwate (about 3 hours north on the bullet train from Tokyo as I recall) – and it’s not really a tourist destination. I randomly went there in 2002 to visit my boy Jody Bourtoni (ill DJ from Bristol) who was teaching English to school kids for a year. I think he played at one the Jazzy Sport crew’s parties at Bar Dai way before they started to get a rep in Europe – gangsta!! We definitely went down to a jam at the basement of Bar Dai with DJ Cuts and Choku rocking the turntables and were the only gaijin in there. As far as I can remember we drank way too much Asahi and I tried to tell everyone how much I loved DJ Krush despite not being able to speak any japanese. Jody got battered and I found him trying to sleep in a doorway upstairs on the street. Brits abroad eh? Utterly shameful!

Big ups all Jazzy Sport fam in Tokyo, Morioka and worldwide!!!