MENU LeFtO Films: Brownswood Label Night w/ Ghostpoet, LeFtO, Baloji & Gilles Peterson

LeFtO Films: Brownswood Label Night w/ Ghostpoet, LeFtO, Baloji & Gilles Peterson

November 11, 2010

Another lightning quick turnaround from LeFtO who was DJing until 4am this morning but still managed to edit the footage he took at the Depot in Leuven, Belgium into a dope little movie. Thanks to everyone who came down for a drink and a jig – we had a ball!!

Autumn, leaves falling from trees, windy, rain and coldness… but we were lucky yesterday to have a Brownswood label night, and that really helped to get us through that day. It took me some time to arrive due to some heavy traffic jams inBrussels, taking the bus took me 45 min, I should’ve walked to the station, 15 min but hey, it was raining. I sat in a nice train, compartiment old school type of train, I loved being on that train, I could’ve stayed on it for hours but had only 20 minutes to enjoy it. Arrived as first at the venue, setting everything up on the deejay table while a soundcheck takes place. In the backstage, Baloji is there with his crew and saw Obaro from Ghostpoet pass by and said hi.

Had Gilles on the phone telling me he might miss his train but made it in the end, that’s how we know him, while the rest of the Brownswood crew arrived earlier. I wanted to go earlier because I knew Mike (the venue boss) was cooking and you don’t want to pass on that; so I had a bite with Alex Patchwork before he went on at 8pm for a nice set of hiphopish music overall, heard some Juj, some Little Brother, Teebs and much more… that was while the people were sitting in those little cinema couches in the back of the room; Alex couldn’t see them and thought he was all alone in the room. The first act was Ghostpoet, with Dominican & Nigerian origins, living in London via Coventry the man did his thing on stage. Had a microkorg, an SP303 and some effect controller for his mic in the front. 45 minutes performance giving a taste of what’s to come for him, on Brownswood in february of course. I liked it but honestly the soundman was going too loud for me in the front, apart from that I think his performance was great.I mixed a little bit during the change over, before Baloji and his Orchestre de la Katuba. The band is funky as hell and he brought two dancers with masks on stage which gave an extra entertaining moment in his set, the crowd, massively present enjoyed the whole thing.

Baloji done, comes the few minutes I don’t like, when the instruments and everything else needs to be cleared from stage and that while Gilles is taking place on the turntables, I mean, it’s a normal thing but visually it’s nothing nice… but that’s a minor negative point to what the afterparty would be. GP really woke up the people after a couple songs, and I’m not used to see that venue still so crowded after a concert. Gilles played some great tunes, Kon’s Cerrone remix, Gotan Project, dOP and many more before we started a back to back for 45 minutes. Gilles was up for almost 36 hours (coming from Japan) and he looked tired but he did a great job and after the back to back session he had to find his bed at the hotel for a well-deserved sleep. The night ended around 4AM, thanks to the massive crowd who stayed till the end and hopefully we’ll do another one somewhere next year.