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LeFtO Films: FFWD/// Dorian Concept…

October 17, 2009


Yeah, it wasn’t a bad one at all last night. I picked up Dorian Concept at the airport in the early afternoon and went to the crowded city to hang and get food, fries of course… then took a train to the venue, a local “boemel” train (like we say…) to Opwijk, a small town or big village just outside of the city. Soundchecks by Lukid and Dorian Concept; then came Hypercutz and 1352 for the soundcheck… they changed the whole configuration of the stage haha.. 1352 got beats though, I need some. Dinner was served and while we were eating my radiostation was on, Studio Brussel and the funny thing about that was hearing a Dorian Concept track right at that time…Dorian “ow, well euhm… that’s me on the radio…” haha. Shows came out good, the crowd came out good too, started all a bit late though; and what’s up with the computer troubles last night? Was it full Moon, or Mercury downgrade ;-) ? Dorian had to cut his set in two to restart his computer, and I was gone for a second to grab some dessert backstage… when I came back in the room, I heard Dorian screaming “LeFtoooooooo???” hahaha.. to put a couple records on… Classic nights with Dorian, I don’t know why that is… after the rain, the technical problem… :-)
Anyway, big up to the JH Nijdrop boys for organising such concepts and Tim for fuckin’ up his harddrive haha, oh and by the way next one is with Ramadanman, 16Bit and Phonetics…don’t miss that one, somewhere end of December…18 I think. Now up to the Anattitude Party…but not without a video: