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Live From Brussels

November 12, 2008

That’s what a concert of the Gza/Genius looks like over here;  Wu-Tang Clan member in full effect at the Ancienne Belgique (November 10) in the heart of Brussels.  The opener was a local group called Beatdrunx and they did well from what I heard, good to see things are moving slowly but surely over here (in Brussels).  It was a double bill that night and the first act was Roots Manuva; mixed feelings about their show, I heard they looked tired and that might happen sometimes, you can’t expect a group to be (very) good all the time; it’s still my favorite hiphop band from the other side of the Eurotunnel ;) .  But the main act was without a doubt Gza, who teared the roof off with an exceptional show based on his first album “Liquid Swords”.  If you’re a bit into hiphop, and you know about the 90′s, the golden era, you probably have that album in your collection.  It’s an instant classic straight from the 36 Chambers.  And as you can see in this movie, 1500 peeps attended the show and they were not dissapointed at all.  Brussels rocks but if you’re not from here it’s sometimes hard to believe it :) . If he comes to a town near yours make sure to go check that out.