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Love Saves The Day

May 27, 2008

A statement from Dave Mancuso’s brand new label warmed my heart this morning:

“We are ecstatic to give birth to The Loft’s very first official record label:
The Loft Audiophile Library of Music.

Our objective is to re-issue selected master recordings, and release them in the highest audiophile quality vinyl recording 12-inch singles on 180 gram vinyl and 45 rpm. Mastering will be handled by the legendary audiophile engineer Stan Rickman who did the mastering of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” amongst many other great recordings.

In times of audio quality compromise due to new technological advancement (i.e. digital convenience) that is ultimately decreasing the value of music in general (i.e. standardisation of the mp3 format), we believe this concept is a solution to our striving passion for music appreciation, quality and the preservation thereof which ultimately gives a choice to the global music fans of today.

Our mission statement is “To share authentic musical information (musical recordings, energy, history, messages, visions, emotions, expressions, creativity and artistic integrity) through quality playback.”

The first release is “My Favourite Things”, the Studio Version by Alfredo de la Fe and the Live Version by The Latin Percussion Jazz Ensemble.”