MENU Morning Meanderings... by Gilles Peterson

Morning Meanderings… by Gilles Peterson

April 5, 2011

With just under 2 weeks to go before I take on LDN’s marathon miles I sit here listening to the debut from Zara McFarlane with tingles like I haven’t felt since listening to Jose James demos in 2005… Simbad had included some songs of hers on a cd a while back – she’d been doing stuff with Bopstar on the house tip and decided to record a few straight jazz tracks herself – I was blown away by not just the quality of her voice, but also of the musical arrangements and playing – world class. so we met up and she recorded another 7 or 8 tunes that’ll be coming out sometime in the summer. Very exciting new talent…

Meanwhile I’m dying to get behind the decks again- as you know I’ve focussed my head on the running so far this year. I decided not to play out so as to focus and its been good for me. I probably did a bit too much last year – I just find it hard to say no sometimes! but the break’s done me good – can’t wait to get the run behind me and get going with all the dates that you can see below…

Someone told me at the Erykah Badu DJ set (which was killer by the way) that my radio shows have been better this year as a result of me playing out less! maybe true…but the music’s been exceptional hasn’t it… so much good stuff out there. In fact I felt the Worldwide Awards were a great success this year and started the year with a great bounce – it just felt good to have such an impressive electronic line up that really delivered. It also felt like we’d passed another phase in the music somehow…great new crowd mixing with the more mature oldies upstairs!

Its really important to me to keep introducing my philosophy to the new generation..always has been from the days of playing Phuture Trax at Acid Jazz parties or Hip Hop at Dingwalls or D+B at Shake and Fingerpop or teaming up with James Lavelle at Bar Rumba etc etc…Its not about some kind of elitist ‘I was there first’ thing…its just about feeling excited about whats going on NOW and connecting it positively with our heritage. I feel so lucky to live in London where the music is always bubbling in a good way – ok, clubbing has changed over the years – we do need more Plastic People type spaces but theres still loads going on – people seem more open minded somehow – venues like Cafe Oto, online ideas like The Boiler Room, sessions like Deviation and labels like Eglo are keeping the whole scene really healthy…its a good time…and back to the music how good is it that the likes of James Blake/Woon and XX are big new names getting proper support at stations like Radio 1 etc.

Meanwhile I’m also preparing my bags to return to Cuba to finish work on a second volume of the Havana Cultura series. I’m working on it with Mala from DMZ and its sounding different! should have something ready by the end of the summer…I’m really hyped with the Owiney Sigoma project – from a radio interview aside whilst talking to Jesse from Elmore Judd we’ve got ourselves the best ‘new world’ album of the year..there’ll be shows too including an appearance at this year’s Worldwide Festival which is 5 days long this year…whoopee!! gonna need strength this summer and the lineup is almost complete – trying to get a couple of special guests added at the last minute and we should be good…Konono No 1 James Blake the Pyramids Rich Medina are the latest on board… I was sent a breakdown of the nationalities who have booked so far – its like a Benetton advert this year… from Laos to Los Angeles… proper worldwide with the highest percentage coming from the UK then France, Belgium Holland and Austria!! I can’t wait…

What else is going on….?

New comps coming from Brownswood – Bubblers 7 and Electric 2 – Alex Patchwork been busy with this ..and it sounds fresh…he’s also signed Gang Colors who’s ep is out soon. I’m completing a comp for Ministry that should be out early summer – part of their Masterpiece series – Francois K and Fab and Grooverider did the last couple…I’ve also been busy remixing Ghost Poet and Raphael Gualazzi again and working on a song with Howie B for the Tsunami appeal – more details of that later…podcasts to come include Derek Carter, Seun Kuti, Erykah Badu and Alexander Nutt… and  the return of Joel’s Joint!

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May 6 – Southport
May 14 – Plastic People
May 21/22 – Gaete Lyrique Paric TBC
May 26 – Sunsplash Festival Antalya
May 27 – Babylon Istanbul
June 18 – Sonar by Day Barcelona
June 19 – Sonar Kids Barcelona
June 21 – Fete de La Musique – Caen
June 24 – Rootdown Freiburg
June 25 – Havana Cultura Frankfurt
July 1 – Mostly Jazz Festival Birmingham
July 6 – 10 – Worldwide Festival Sete
July 15 – Hot Flush Birthday Panorama Bar Berlin
July 16 – Belgrade
July 26 – Space Ibiza
August 13 – Montreal Canada
August 20 – Toronto Canada
September 10 – Harvest Festival UK
September 11 – Harvest Festival UK
September 16-18 – Worldwide festival Singapore
September 21 – 28 Japan Tour