MENU S.F. Day #2.5

S.F. Day #2.5

September 18, 2009


I like San Francisco; probably the most European city in America; and it’s a strange feeling walking in the streets, it’s really different. I took the “BART” to go see homeboy Joe, who does the Afrolicious parties at Elbo Room. He told me to get off at 24th & Mission; that’s a crazy neighborhood. The first thing I saw when I came out the subway was a bum, wasted on the floor in the middle of the square. Anyway, that happens everywhere I guess; Went to eat with J Boogie, finally met the guy, and Wiseacre, another good deejay on this planet. Food was good, there’s one thing about restaurants though, it seems that you can go buy your own bottle of wine at the liquor store and bring it to the restaurant (as long as you pay a fare), that way it’s cheaper for you (instead of buying a $25 bottle in the restaurant).Going to the venue, Elbo Room is cool and dark. The crowd was really receptive, and after my set I went in the crowd to see some nice peoples like B.Bravo, Kento and his buddy, straight Japanese killers :) . Wisacre played an uptempo set, perfect for the drummer and percussionist. It was packed but even packed the clubs in San Francisco close at 2am, it’s a shame though. I’m about to sleep, still jetlaggin’… but not without a video: