MENU S.F. Day #3.2

S.F. Day #3.2

September 19, 2009

Wow, I finally got the chance to see more of this city, but I still need to come back for a couple days to see much more. My day started bizarre as I woke up in sweat with the sun in my face and feeling like someone who did a quick powernap for too long. And what’s up with cabs that don’t want to come to the place you’re at because they might lose money (outside the city center is not cool haha) and one block down you see like 20 of them cabs passing by…? Anyway, linked with Joe’s brother Oz in the city to hang and have lunch, really nice food we had. Couple hours later (and couple recordstores later) Joe came with his car so we could have a roll towards the Golden Gate bridge, the bay is beautiful, the beach is nice, people marrying on the beach and some other walk naked, that’s the spirit. :) After all that back to the house to get Wiseacre’s stuff for the party he’s rocking tonite@ Mighty. A nice club with an insane soundsystem and with tonite Karizma & Mark de Clive-Lowe who brought Laurnea for the occasion. We all had food at this dope restaurant called Burma Superstar (thanks Carolyn), the food was really good but at the same time I didn’t expect it to be bad when you pay $35 haha. Back at the venue for aWiseacre opening set with great soulful house and broken beat, Markkilled it, very dope and Karizma has comforted his place in my top deejays around the globe. Very creative. That about it for San Francisco, I’ve met a lotta cool cats over here and can’t wait to come back to the bay area. Thanks to King Most, Joe, Oz and Wiseacre and all the people I’ve met here. Respect! Back to L.A. and Palm Springs for tonite. :)