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“See You Tomorrow Gilles…”

June 24, 2008

So here I am.

Its probably best to introduce myself. I’m… well I might just leave myself un-introduced, I think I prefer the enigmatic approach to this blogging business. anyhow, I’m in the brownswood office on ‘work experience’ whatever that means these days. alas, I’m enjoying it.

But never mind all the Brownswood talk, what I’m here for is, you, the fans, like me. I came to Brownswood as a fan of the music. admittedly I have experience in the industry and I’m here because I am of some use, but I could have applied to any label, but I chose Brownswood. (it probably important to note at this point, I haven’t made a single brew, probably because I don’t ‘do brew’ as such and because Brownwood’s not that kind of office) I like Ben Westbeech, I like Jose James and I like the bubblers series. however, I think Gilles is a legend. that’s all. sometimes, to my friends who don’t like his mixing style or his Dj gigs I even defend Gilles and proclaim him as the John Peel of our generation. whether you like it or not, Gilles commitment to new music is what counts, you know? I’m not the biggest ‘death jazz’ fan for example, but the fact that it is made easily available to me is what is important.

Anyway, before this becomes a psycho fan blog, ill get back to where I was.

So I’m in the office, working, and considerably harder than if I was working for just anyone else. and my first day ends. I’ve done some interesting stuff. some pretty memorable stuff. got to hang out with Gilles and the rest of the Brownswood team. I’m not really phased though, everyone is pretty down to earth, sometimes a rarity in the music industry.

I say my goodbyes to the team, until tomorrow.

“Bye Guys, see you tomorrow. See you tomorrow Gilles” is what I said.

That’s what I said.

Until next time. Keep the boogie alive.