SOIL&”PIMP” SESSIONS // Pop Korn Remixes

September 27, 2010

Heads up folks! Two club reworks of the SOIL&”PIMP” Sessions jazz-punk juggernaut ‘Pop Korn’ by Doc Daneeka and Wafa drop on 25th October. Available on a 12″ (or digitally).

SOIL&”PIMP” Sessions are a jazz sextet from Japan renowned for their flamboyant musicianship and style. Their live show – dubbed “Death Jazz” – will melt your face. ‘Pop Korn’ (taken from the band’s sixth studio album) routinely incites riotous behaviour at gigs so was an obvious choice for the remix treatment.

Doc Daneeka makes totally tropical, wickedly percussive swangin’ house music. Releases on Ramp offshoot PTN and his own Ten Thousand Yen imprint have earned him a tidy rep. US mag XLR8R look set to crown him “the King of Wales” by the end of 2010. His ‘Pop Korn’ remix weighs in heavy with extra helpings of percussion, shrieking horns and the obligatory obese low end. Job done.

Gathering widespread props from the likes of Sinden (releasing on his Grizzly label), Toddla T, Annie Mac, Seiji… Wafa errs on the twitchier side of the tracks, flipping a wiggly bassline onto thumping kicks and soca-tinged percussion. With the horns taking centre stage, it’s a sterling example of how to smash a club to pieces. No nonsense.