MENU Sonar x Bleep MP3 give-away: B.Bravo, Illum Sphere

Sonar x Bleep MP3 give-away: B.Bravo, Illum Sphere

June 7, 2011

We’re on the count down to Sonar festival 2011 at Barcelona. As per usual, the line up is immense, covering all spectrum of music, the city will be flooded with excited party goers who are on the crave for some good ol sangria, sun and beats.

To tease our hunger a little bit more, Bleep have collaborated with Sonar in presenting a series of never been heard, exclusive tacks. Bleep have picked out some of their favorite artists form the festival line up to be included in the give-away. The tracks will only be revealed on the day of release, 2 tracks per a day for 5 days leading to the start of Sonar on Friday 10 June.

Yesterday they kicked off the series with tracks from Off Shore (Big Dada) and Holy Other (Tri Angle). Today’s releases features west-coast future funk star B.Bravo and Hoya:Hoya captain Illum Sphere.

B.Bravos signiture big beat funk vibes have previously found a home on our Brownswood Electr*c compilation. The Red Bull Music Academy graduate delivers a dreamy boogie funk piece that layers soulful chords over neat drum pattens, titled ‘Bubble Showers’.

B. Bravo – Bubble Showers – Sonar x Bleep MP3 Give-away by
Download: B.Bravo- Bubble Showers

Illum Sphere aka Ryan Dunn engages listeners with his love for sub bass, sharp snares and psychedelic take on beat making. His filthy synths are washed up with distorted bass to keep your head jolting off your shoulders. KO-TOZ is a prefect example.

Illum Sphere – KO-OTZ – Sonar x Bleep MP3 Give-away by
Download: Illum Sphere- KO-TOZ