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Southport Weekender

November 11, 2008


What a weekend… I’ve never been to Southport (I didn’t know it was that far!) but I now can tell that it’s a must go.  We arrived in London on friday (4pm) with a superfast Eurostar (2 hours from Brussels) and then drove (and how…) to Southport, it took us 5 hours to get there :( but it sure was a hell of a trip (thanks Dean).  It’s a special place there, looks like an old Center Parks area by the sea, that’s how it looks like; We got in with Gilles and immediately got into a nice deejay vibe, with Snowboy in the Beat Bar.  I mean everybody was there, Karizma, Simbad, got introduced to Norman Jay, Jose came in, saw Guru doing his thing (not really feelin’ that too much, wasn’t bad but just “normal”) and I was really happy to see the Belgian boys from Onda Sonora, always good to see familiar faces somewhere far from home.
Started to find my marks and my dance moves started automatically to the sounds of Simbad, broken beat style (he told me his set was weak that night but it didn’t feel like it..);  Jose James came on stage doing a nice set with a guest appearance by Brownman on trumpet, very nice.
Gilles did a real good set afterwards, starting with Marvin Gaye then into Black Ivory and mix it with Q-Tip, yeah man, I still remember haha; but the track of the night for me was a track called “Blue Madness” (I think it was that), f*cking insane, unbelievable drums…(Karizma, Simbad, myself, we were all really into that one).
Was that Thristian? ;)
I listened to a very inspired King Britt set and really enjoyed Kon & Amir.  Actually I was dead around 6am (which is 7am where i come from ;) ) and I was already thinking about getting some sleep, and therefore I’d like to thank my Belgian boys for their hospitality, we could stay at their chalet that night and I really appreciated that;  The funny thing about the chalet is that there was a big v.i.p. party going on next to our room, (and they had a massive soundsystem I think) I tried to sleep a bit but it was very difficult, i can tell.  At 11am the party was still running hard and I decided to call Thristian to see if he was down to watch the football game (Arsenal – Man U)… no answer! ;)   He was actually sleeping in a car, hardcore style.  I enjoyed a good breakfast at the chalet with the boys and then headed towards the “jazzdance afternoon session”.  I first went to the car to get Thristian, who was trippin’, looking for the carkeys he thought he lost…  Finally we decided to leave the car open and go do the jazzdance with Kevin Beadle and Gilles.  It was really nice.  After this, we had to go back to London with Gilles and Jonathan (back to Brownswood); Simbad was with us in the back, telling us interesting stories and theories on life, humanity, earth and astral signs…

I don’t even know about saturday night and sunday, I guess it was pretty cool.  Anyway, if I can go back next year I will, a very interesting Festival to go to.  Thanks to the Brownswood crew, Naomi, Beccy, bPm, Gilles, Simbad, Jose, Dean, Jonathan, and many thanks to the Belgians (the best).