MENU The First Black President

The First Black President

November 22, 2008

Fela Kuti – Black Preseident (part one)


Fela Kuti – Black Preseident (part two)


Fela Kuti – Black President (part three)


If your lucky enough to be in New York anytime… you’d be a fool not to go and check out Fela : The Musical (don’t you hate it when your somebody steals your idea?!)

and if your not on Broadway anytime soon..? go and pick up a copy of Fela Kuti : Music is the Weapon, a documentary film from 1982 which features live footage from Fela’s own club in Lagos “The Shrine” as well as interviews with “Mr President”.

check the trailer….


Apparently there’s a feature length movie coming….?!

Check the music first….!!!

the Black Prime Minister