MENU The Hop Episode #22

The Hop Episode #22

March 9, 2009

Hi Aficionados, it’s The Hop; This week I start off the show with Ahmad Jamal‘s “Invitation“; it’s a track from a beautiful album I just found called “Inspiration” on Cadet Records; beautiful piece of music you must check out.  Going back to the early days of jazzy hiphop with Siah & Yeshua Da Poed, I love those guys, Yesh is really fresh.  Scott is back with another Prefuse album on Warp, very good and interesting actually; I was surprised, watch out for more music coming from him.  Ubiquity keeps sending me beautiful cd’s, like this new Clutchy Hopkins album, really good, it sounds like dub with funk breaks, nice.  I love that track “Cold Pillow” by Theophilius London, makes me feel good.  Sa-Ra comes with a new album called “Nuclear Evolution...” and I must say I like this one more than their previous album.  New DOOM, of course, and a new Dr.Dre with T.I., not bad at all, nothing spectacular but good to hear him, hopefully he’s back.  More stuff from Louie Gee Ensemble, my Brussels’ friends, this one comes out on a lovely label, really happy for them.  There’s more so make sure to click the pic to listen or download.  Thanks guys.