MENU welcome back the Monday Dance....

welcome back the Monday Dance….

October 16, 2008

Mondays in the West End…?

Sounds like madness… but then…?! Your not really that normal if your prepared to extend the weekend and welcome the week with a dance.

Moving west meant that cats like Leo Greenslade (YoYo), Alex Phountzi (Bugz in the Attic) and the Worldwide Festival boys… Franck Alfier and Son of Kick could make it down without the major cross town cab journey from Old Street to think about.

WORLDWIDE UNDERGROUND hit the tarmac on Monday… and well? Who better to bring back the Monday Dance… than the one worldwide mega don… and unchallenged champion of the tuesday hangover…

Gilles Peterson

Gilles back at Bar Rumba

I think the tune of the night had to be the Rackem Remix of the Joubert Singers – Stand. I sneaked it in at the beginning when i welcomed in the evening in behind the curtain… Then Gilles dropped it to much deserved appreciation… from the likes od Dayo (Brownswood Board), Nik Weston (Guynamite), Sean Rollins (Dj Brownswood),… it was also good to see Dj Rags diggin’ it down in the basement… EVEN Simon Goffe was bustin’ a few shapes.. annnnd Paul Martin was tapping his foot.

HaPPY Birthday Lindsay… and big up all her birthday massiv’. Leading the dance and march throughout.

and it was nice to have (the singing) Dynamite MC and Earl Zinger aka The Twisted Hillbilly pic up the mic for some suprise vocal action.

the bPm & Earl Zinger aka The Twisted Hillbilly

Ross Allen then gave Earl Zinger a lesson in twisted hillbilly… only Ross could play Rye Rye & Mia – Tic Toc next to 80′s disco… UNRECOGNIZED GENIUS… I think that was Ashley Beedle hanging in the shadows while Ross was playing… I only clocked that it was him in the morning.

Jonathan Rudnick from KSPACE suggested that I mess around with the layout and lighting each week… think I’ll do that..!!

Back next Monday 20th October with a bit of a Bristol / Brighton takeover…. Ben Westbeech, Beccy G, Clipz, myself (the bPm) and maybe a lickle Dynamite MC again..?!

I think Ben and Clipz gave been working on some new tunes… Hopefully they’ll fling a few out for thought…?

Having a listen now… to the cd’s that were handed over on Monday…

Big up the Orsi on the door…. xx