MENU WF Singapore - Day One

WF Singapore – Day One

May 7, 2009

So while buddy Simbad is completely wasted laying on the bed (i mean, we got two beds haha!) I’ll tell you the story about day one.  I’ll start it from London, I jumped on this flight with Simbad and heard it wasn’t that full so we were kind of lucky to have a whole row for each of us…I could sleep the whole 12 hour flight YES!  The Boeing drove on the tarmac and then suddenly stops, the captain telling us that a signal shows one of the reactors is overheating… I’m like wtf?  So, he decided to call the technical support squad to see what’s up!  After 15 minutes the captain said it was all good and we were ready to lift off, I don’t know about you guys but when they tell me some bad news like that I’m just scared of taking off, imagine the engine loses power while we’re taking off…pfffffew!!!
12 hour flight, what could you possibly do.. I just took a 7 hour nap, really needed it after a crazy Rome weekend.  Simbad came back from the US so he was completely in the zone, or in another dimension.. he’s used to other dimensions!
Anyway, this flight went fast for us, really surprised, but can please someone do something about the shitty British Airways food?

simbad leftothailand from air
Once arrived on this island, state, city called Singapore the first thing you feel is the humidity and the heat.  You are right under the equator, never been that deep on this planet.  It’s unbelievable how warm it can be, and no wind at all.  We had a friendly chauffeur from the airport to the Major Hotel, nice hotel, sponsor of the Festival and where all artists are staying in.  Got a nice room on the 16th floor and airco, time for a shower, actually it’s always time for a shower here. ;) haha.
They gave us an hour to chill before going to the venue, the museum for the first night.  In the lobby with Taylor Mc Ferrin, Jose James, Simbad and Gilles waiting for our ride, Gilles looked really good man, freshly cut (word!) and nice dressed, almost as good as Toshio Matsuura who just came down the elevator…

The venue was nice and the car dropped us right in front, with people everywhere and well organised, Maya-Lynn and her colleagues doing a great job, really… got in the room, saw it was kind of difficult to ask to connect my Serato so I just ask the driver to get me back to the hotel to take my cd map (45min), then came back there and they told me I should play outside, I go there, and see a deejay playing with Serato, and I left mine at the hotel hahaha…fuck it.  So I played with the cdj’s, outside, really not used to it but it in the end all good.  Gilles and Simbad played a great set too, Gilles played inside, the Glass Room, airco: check YES, sound: check WELL, hard to was ok (i think), then I met a steward from KLM, who’s actually someone i know from Antwerp, nice to see people from the country so far from home, there was a whole delegation of Belgians tonite, there’s 850 of them living here, not bad and totally understandable haha.[youtube=]
You know what, I forgot to eat… and when I realised, it was all gone, so asked Maya-Lynn to drive me to a nice local spot before going to the afterparty @ Zouk.  She was so kind to accept and we took Jose James with us, he was a bit hungry too, so we went fast to the hotel, picking up my Serato, went to a nice spot eating chicken and rice (a bit spicy!) and then straight to ZOUK, it’s the biggest club in town, it’s actually 3 in 1.  Nice atmosphere, Jeremy from the place was playing then I went on, playing hiphop, lotta hiphop fans here, Dilla fans… What I love here, is the reception people give you, they are just totally into it…
I must give those people props for coming down and rocking the dancefloor.  Simbad & Gilles and the whole crew (Franck, Grfld and Taylor) came in, and finally end up with a Simbad/LeFtO back to back set.

Voila, day one is over… this dude Simbad looking at me like what the fuck are you doing at 5:46am? Maaan, i’m writing for the ones at home who couldn’t make it to Singapore.
Goodnight y’all!!!