MENU WF Singapore - day three

WF Singapore – day three

May 9, 2009

Wow and it just don’t stop!  Man, jetlag struck me hard tonite (and Jose as well!) so we headed back to the hotel while the rest is still rockin’ the beach hard.  Nah, I’m not a pussy, it’s just that when you tired, dead, you can’t really get into it; at least we’ll be good tomorrow while Simbad will probably pass out until monday haha (or maybe not, you never know with him..). Day started early as we got 3 wake up calls, really, i felt like the Office Space movie, the dude with his 6 bosses!!  And the thing is, we actually stayed one more night in this room haha; anyway, it was 1pm and right before the driver gets Simbad to the beach we had to eat something.. man, i’ve never tasted it before but these toasts with melted coconut butter was ridiculously good, I started by one because I don’t like coconut normally, well, finished with four of them ;) .  I’ll buy some before going home, definitely, I need that in my life from now on.

Then we got a ride to the beach, Sentosa, it’s actually an artificial beach next to a resort, incredible building, rooms with a view on the waterfall, tv’s outside, swimming pools, the whole nine… everything and in the middle of palmtrees and tropical plants, woooord!  Simbad played kinda early, around 4pm, not much people but he told me he would go on again around 4am or so, hustlin’ spinning time Simbad, go go… haha.
But what a beach, I can’t wait until it’s crowded…really looking forward to that.

Saw Stereotyp doing a great job on the dubstep, bass music and Arabyrd rockin’ it… she’s about to record a whole album with Stereotyp, I think he might be the right person to produce her album, totally her style. Was funny to see Kentaro again, him and his brother are supacool people, they always come mad early to install their stuff and make sure everything works, the true Japanese spirit, Kentaro ichiban!!!  Todd Terje rocking the second stage, I think that was a great set for that time of the day, early evening, sun about to set, perfect.  Then came Gilles, taking the mic, you know how he is, love it… spinned a couple joints to set the mood and passed the mic to Jose James, he performed the tracks he recorded with Flying Lotus, chiiiiill, I knew the tracks, very enjoyable.  Then came Taylor McFerrin for a special appearance, little set, beatbox, dr.sample, he should get back in the studio soon, recording some music because he’s fresh…
Then it was my turn, did my thingaling, i’m very critic about my sets in general, don’t think it was my best set, did my thing, had a hard time with the sound, won’t get into details, next…. the Nextmen of course.  Going back to back from hiphop to drum ‘n bass, while on the other stage Christian Prommer was doing his thing… yeah man, sometimes you just don’t know where to go…[youtube=]
I started to feel really tired, needed some food, thank you Maya-Lynn, she saved me with a supadupa chicken sandwich!!!  That, right before Kentaro starts his set, I know what kind of killer he is, I knew his performance would tear the roof off and that the Singaporians would love it, they did, massive crowd came to see DJ Kentaro… that’s when I decided to leave back to the hotel with Jose James and Arabyrd mom, she’s adorable!
Worldwide Festivals are really dope events, if it comes around your city in the near future, make sure to come down, it’s worth it and probably the best place to meet your favorite deejay without trying to sneak in the backstage area. Haha.  Up to tomorrow, the aftermath!!! Nite Nite.