MENU WF Singapore - Day Two

WF Singapore – Day Two

May 8, 2009

ime flies out here, but isn’t it always the case when you’re abroad having a good time?  I went to sleep around 6.30am last night (i think it will be even later tonite :(   and Simbad is sleepin’ …again!!) and woke up with Simbad sayin’ “let’s go eat, i’m hungry“… it was 1pm, went downstairs and ate a steak and pasta, what a breakfast haha!  Back in our room, Simbad took a nap and I was bored so decided to go down to see if someone of the festival was around to get me to the venue where Toshio, J.A.M. and Kentaro were playing.  I saw Christian Prommer and met Todd Terje in the lobby, yeah that’s right, big guys, Todd makes killer edits, really.  Anyway, went to the food market with the dudes right before leaving with Jose and J.A.M. for the venue called Zirca, a big and nice club they got with a stage and …. an escalator to go to the upper floor, not kiddin’.  Toshio was killin’ it with nice gems right before Cosa Nostra went on stage, a local group with a nice female singer, sax and guitarplayer and a kind off deejay behind on Ableton dropping beats.  I don’t know what to think about it honestly, maybe too much sax, or too much guitar… something was just too much, i leave it in the middle haha.  After that, J.A.M. came on and they killed it, anybody out there should book these guys because they are just too good, the drummer is unbelievable and so is the contrabass player and the man on keys. I don’t have words to describe it but the atmosphere is unbelievable, it goes up all the time, no time to breath…like wow!  Then it was the time for DJ Kentaro to kick it, turntable wizard from Japan, mastering turntables like chopsticks and definitely a friendly guy and so is his brother… [youtube=]

From there, Simbad and myself had to leave to go to another venue called Overeasy, a nice spot with big windows and a huge terras with speakers by an artificial lake, not bad.  We always get a nice welcome from the people here, the local deejay there was a cool dude.  I started off the party, it was chill so no need to make a crazy performance, just good vibes through the speakers was enough.  Outside, people drink on couches and Simbad chills with his “new” french friends haha.  You know what, talking about friends, I just finished my set and there’s a friend from way back in Belgium, I forgot for a minute he was in town, Jaba is working for LucasFilm here in Singapore, he’s sick, graffiti writer, unbelievable. Check him out here.  Had a nice talk about Europe and Asia, always good discussions, the point is, we in Europe are way too slow for these cats here…anyway that’s another discussion.

Finished here at Overeasy and went to the club where Gilles, Todd, Grfld were playing, at Velvet Underground.  Crazy club with a big sound and a female vj…isn’t it nice?!  Todd was playing disco, Franck was drunk, Gilles was mc’ing haha and then dissapeared and we won’t see him again…he’s gangsta like that!  Jose showed me pictures of the contrabass that broke in two pieces right before Jose would do his appearance with J.A.M., craaaaazy, apparently the bass player killed it an hour later with an electric bass he never used before, maaan that’s the real way of the samurai…master the instruments.
Then we hung out a bit in the booth but honestly I felt tired and so did Jose James so we just left with almost everybody to the hotel, except for Grfld the barman and Franck.  There goes WF Singapore day two and what a better way to end it…with thunder and lightning, it’s like stroboscopes here. ;) Goodnight or good morning.