MENU Where were the girls at!?

Where were the girls at!?

July 9, 2008

Its been raining non-stop since I got back to London… NOT COOL! Im so not feeling the weather at the moment. Where’s the sunshine!? Everybody loves the sunshine!
Anyways, I was on my way home from work, sitting on the bus, listening to my music, looking out through the wet window and it suddenly hit me: Where were all the female DJ’s at this weekends Wordwide Festival? Yes, there were some female singers with the live bands, but no female DJ’s as far as I can remember. Now what’s that all about?! Im aware of the fact that it is a field dominated by men, but that is still not a good enough excuse if you ask me. The coolest female artist at the festival was by far AraByrd! She had a wicked style and made a great performance. However, she was not DJ-ing, so it does not count! Now, there must be some female DJ’s that play music that would fit with the festival. If not, I think Gilles and the bPm should teach me how to play records. I reckon I would be great at it… (Just a thought) But if that’s not an option, at least find one good female DJ for next year. The girls should be represented as well.