June 16, 2010

To be honest with you, this year’s World Cup fever in Japan was not as hot as 8 years ago.  Japanese football fans used to follow the national team anywhere in the world.  We call it “Dangan Tour = Bullet Supporting Tour” where supporters just fly in to cheer on the team and fly back home right away without any sleep…  I did not hear this word “Dangan Tour” so much this time.

Maybe it is ME? that I am not into football as much as before?  It’s hard to believe for some people that I used to be a SUPER fan of J League – Japan Professional Football League that my parents had to prohibit me from going to the stadium every weekend.  I used to go see players on their practice days and wait for them in front of their dressing room,  run behind there bus… just for the excitement!!

Anyways, The World Cup fever is finally here after we beat Cameroon 1-0!!!  Compared to us Japanese, Cameroon players are so much bigger and their defense power is like concrete.  SO Japan had to get the first goal and just defend. YES we did it! The other night after the game, people in Shibuya went so mad that police had to take control of the streets… That is too crazy.

I personally love just staying home, opening my favourite bottle and enjoy the game in relaxed style.

At the end, as a radio producer, what’s best about this World Cup for me is that lots of African tunes are played on the radio which does not happen normally.

Anyways, I hope everyone will have a great World Cup!!

I will be happy for any country to receive the trophy!

弾丸ツアー = ”DANGAN TOUR”  Bullet Supporting Tour