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World Report: Japan

October 26, 2008

I really want to talk about the independent record label called “Show Tiku Bai Record“; founded by Hunger (an Emcee from the fresh group “Gagle) in 2003, their goal is to provide opportunities to artists (meaning release stuff) and promote them to the fullest.  Well, I’ve seen a couple of nice releases coming this way lately and that’s when I really started to pay attention to it.  7″ releases by Mitsu The Beats are still available (they are bangin’) and there’s more on it’s way.  Hunger and MONOm.i.c. have a dope record coming out by the name of “Jappcats/Good Problems“; “Jappcats” is based on Madlib’s “Jazzcats” and is very funky.  There’s a video that goes with it:
The label is also strong in releasing mix series.  DJ Mu-R‘s “Definition” mixes or Mitsu The Beats’ “Roses” serie are beautiful things to have in your collection and definitely a good example of what the spirit of the people behind this label sound like.  Watch this to really understand what I mean:
I am looking forward to the future of this label.  Jazzy Sport does the distribution and that’s of course no wonder; “Show Tiku Bai Record” is one of these labels we need in this music industry.  Independent as F*ck.

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