MENU Worldwide Awards 2017 // Introducing: Acid Arab

Worldwide Awards 2017 // Introducing: Acid Arab

December 5, 2016

As we set the gears in motion for the 2017 edition of the Worldwide Awards on the 21st January, we’re putting together intro profiles to give you the scoop on the talent populating the bill.

Next up is Acid Arab. The mighty Parisian electronic music crew have been putting European festivals and club audiences under a spell for the last couple of years, with their intoxicating blend of sharp Western electronic music with Eastern sounds & vocals.

Formed in 2012 by Parisian DJs Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho, Acid Arab patiently honed their style by meeting with scores of artists from all over North Africa and the Middle East. Born in the transcultural cauldron that is Paris, their concept was to create a space for Arab culture in the world of contemporary electronic music. They laid down groundwork by releasing several EPs (the Collections series) on electronic music label Versatile, featuring collabs, remixes and tracks by other artists.

We caught up with them to see where they’re at.

Where in the world…

…are you now?

in Paris, capital of France, a very nice small city crossed by the Seine.

…inspires you?

Jordanian desert, Rum.

…have you done your best performance?

Could be Rotterdam, could be Casablanca, could be Montpellier…

…has the best food?

Portugal, man.

…do you go to escape?

South of France.

…do you most want to go?


…. has the best music right now?

Syria… if only musicians could play freely again.

What 3 acts would be on your dream line-up?

Abdou El Omari, René Bandaly and Lena Platonos.

Finally how many languages can you say hello in?
and can you prove it?

One language, but ten different hellos.
French: Bonjour!
French: Salut!
French: Yo!
French: Coucou!
French: Wesh gros!
French: Ça va khouya?
French: Wazza?
French: Hola!
French: Adieu, les frères!
French: Vous ici quelle bonne surprise!

The Awards will be going down at KOKO, London, on Saturday 21st January. Final release tickets onsale now for £35. Buy yours here.